Links Galore Gift Set


This gift set includes:
  • 1 lb. Premium Smoked Links (beef/pork)
  • 1 lb. Original Llano Links (pork)
  • 1 lb. Original Smoked Links (beef/pork)
  • 1 lb. Cured Smoked Polish Links (pork)
  • Weight of products may slightly vary.
  • For this set with a little kick, try the Spicy Links Galore
  • This pack is gluten free.

    We have created for you a great gift package with one pound of each of our links. Enjoy our Premium Smoked Link, Llano Link, Original Smoked Link, and our Cured Smoked Polish Link. A great way to sample each of our juicy sausage recipes. Send to yourself or family and friends.

    Ready to heat and serve.

    Care and Heating Instructions
    All of our sausage may be heated one of three ways. On the grill outdoors, wrapped in foil in the oven or in a skillet on the top of the stove. Remember they are fully cooked and only need heating approximately 10 minutes.